So I’ve got 10 cards made so far, each with its own theme on one side, and room to write more specific examples on the back so that I am less likely to rationalize my way out of sticking to this weight loss plan.  These are just a few of the ideas suggested in the Beck Diet Solution, and some that were my own ideas, so I definitely recommend checking out the book. If you have the original book, though, I don’t know that the workbook is necessary, since it seems to follow the exact same plan, day to day.

Anyway, here are my reasons to lose weight/advantages to losing weight:

Card #1 Less PainCard #2 More FunCard #3 More ConfidenceCard #4 A feeling of achievementCard #5 No more Fat GuiltCard #6 Control over bodyCard #7 Healthy BabiesCard #8 Live LongerCard #9 Save MoneyCard #10 Independence