Today’s homework for the Beck Diet Solution Day One is to “Record the advantages of losing weight.” This chapter discusses making one 3″x 5″ card with all your reasons for losing weight and how important they are to you, which you are to read several times a day, particularly before meals or when deciding whether to exercise that day.

As some of you may know, I live for crafting.


Sooo, Day One may take a while for me. Not only do I love crafting, but my equally favorite activity is making lists. Great news if you like listicles!

It’s tough to be honest with myself about my reasons for losing weight, and I know this activity will take some serious thought, as well as some serious amounts of glitter. I even bought a miniature carabiner keychain so that I could attach these cards to my keys, purse, or even my belt loops so I could have them with me at all times. It’s easy to say that I want to lose weight because I want to start a family, but it’s a little more difficult to admit the more petty reasons for working toward a healthier body: Looking great, feeling sexy, being able to find clothes in boutiques, showing people who said I couldn’t do it that I absolutely can lose the weight and keep it off because screw them.

This should make for some interesting cards.

I recently read that the most difficult challenge for people with disabilities, chronic illnesses, chronic pain, and any other challenges that may keep them at home frequently or working from home is a lack of structured time. This being the case, I am trying to establish a morning routine so that I can learn to build meal times into my day at the same time every day, and snacks as well. I’m hoping that will keep me from getting too into work to take a break and binge eating in the late afternoon or avoiding meals and snacking all day instead. Not good for tracking calories or for my productivity throughout the day.

Current plan:

  • Get up at 7 AM every day, followed by toiletries, breakfast, taking meds, and planning the rest of my day (By activity or by schedule)
  • Create a decorated, super fun card for each of the benefits, advantages, and reasons for losing weight. If they’re super fun, I’ll read them.
  • Eat meals on a regular schedule:
    • Breakfast: between 7-9
    • Lunch: between 11-1
    • Dinner: between 5-7
    • Snacks as needed, for now.
  • Get to the gym and go swimming at least once in the next week (02/22-03/01/2018)

I will be checking in regularly to update you with how these goals are going and update these goals as needed. Remember to follow me on MyFitnessPal if you want to see how I’m tracking calories, and to subscribe to my new YouTube channel, Mama Songbird, for some a cappella lullabies, sung by me, to lull you or your little one(s) to sleep.