Alright, folks. It’s time to get honest with myself, and with you, my lovely audience, whomever you may be. I have a problem with emotional eating and binge eating. I will eat sweets until I make myself sick from fullness and too much sugar, and eat salty snacks until they are gone or I feel sick from being overly full. This is especially a problem because I have Fibromyalgia and Degenerative Disc Disease, which become worse with this behavior. Overeating salty snacks and pretty much any sugar increases inflammation, which causes more pressure between the discs in my spine, and causes my body to feel more pain, whether or not there is actually something painful happening to that body part.

As you might imagine, this creates a vicious cycle and feedback loop for me:

[Rachael feels bad]->[Rachael eats salty snacks/sugar]->[Rachael feels bad]

I am working on figuring out ways to interrupt that feedback loop, but it is difficult, particularly since there is an added effect when eating sugar: endorphins, very similar to the endorphins released when a gambler is gambling, or an alcoholic is drinking. There is a part of the brain that lights up and rewards the behavior of eating sugar in particular, because humans evolved to seek out calorie-dense foods for survival.

So, how does one person overcome thousands of years of evolution?

Well, I am going to try working up to eating without sugar, because it’s an addiction, and I can’t keep deluding myself into thinking I can control it. At over 300 pounds, I should know that and be able to face it, but it’s difficult to overcome the emotional attachment I have to sugary foods. Especially fond memories associated with sugary foods.

In order to overcome this problem, my therapist has recommended going through the book “The Beck Diet Solution,” which is not a diet book so much as a behavior book. It was written by Dr. Judith Beck, one of the pioneers of Cognitive-Behavior Therapy (CBT), so I am looking forward to working through that on this blog with you. If any of you are interested in working along with me in the book, grab it on Amazon and we can work through it together. I may take some extra time on Day 1 since I like to craft things, but I will post on here my plans to work through it.