Dear fellow mom hopefuls (and the rest, too),

In light of the theme of love that so many have come to associate with Valentine’s Day, today I want to remind you all:

FIRST, Love yourself

I know we all have difficulties finding things to love about ourselves, but lately I’ve been finding that if I frame self-love and self-care as “doing the least amount of harm” I am much more likely to follow that mantra. For me, this means “If you’re going to eat a donut anyways, eat one and be done with it instead of obsessing over the idea of donuts until you eat half a dozen in one sitting.” And yes, I do have conversations like this in my head. I’m probably not the only one, either, am I right?

My biggest problem with weight loss, and frankly just about anything, is consistency. I need to learn to better stick to the things I start rather than having a brilliant idea and never following through. I’m really afraid that I’ll breeze away my childbearing years this way until I can no longer have children, so that’s why we’re all here, talking to each other about health, wellness, weight loss, making babies, and what it takes to be a mom.

Thanks so much to everyone who has visited, read the blog so far, subscribed, and commented. I hope that we can all learn from each other, create a compassionate and kind community, and help each other to grow.


P.S.- Happy Valentine’s Day!